Nano-Adapter - Ability to take on other’s abilities

Nano-Aquas - Water (Elemental category)

Nano-Botany - Plants

Nano-Celeritas - Speed

Nano-Electrics - Controlling electricity

Nano-Elemental - Category includes Earth, Air, Water and Fire

Nano-Fortus - Strength

Nano-Gadgetry - Ability to control gadgetry

Nano-Hacking - Computer hacking

Nano-Kinetics - Telekinesis - moving objects from a distance

Nano-Lumus - Light

Nano-Magnetics - Control magnetics and metals

Nano-Medic - Control healing

Nano-Morphism - Ability to change shape

Nano-Omnus - Ability to do nearly any skill

Nano-Path - Ability to read thoughts

Nano-Phasing - The ability to move into another dimension

Nano-Pyrus - Controlling fire (all forms)

Nano-Teleporting - The ability to teleport to another spot

Nano-Terrus/Terrans - Control Earth

Nano-Thermics - Control Temperature

Nano-Ventus - Control wind

Nano-Veterinary - Abilities with animals

Nano-Vibrus - Control Vibrations

Nano-Weather - Ability to control weather