Author of the Sam Butler Series.

Life has granted me invaluable experiences and taught me incredible lessons. I've gone from wood-stacker to Antarctic explore to Stanford professor then chronically ill father.

The best adventures and worst agonies gave me a broad understanding of the planet we live on and the people who occupy it.

My leap to sci-fi writing came in 2018, several years after I fell ill with a chronic neurological condition. Now, in my 40s, I'm launching career 6.0.



I love living in Colorado where I enjoy camping, horseback riding, and just relaxing with a good audible.

One of my favorite things to do is kick back on a weekend and grill steaks and veggies or smoke up some ribs.  


Why I, Nano?

I was writing another book to help me cope with an ongoing chronic illness when my son asked me to write a book for him. As you can imagine, the concept of nanites that can heal any illness would appeal to someone with my ailments.

Of course, no world works perfectly, which is where Mazz and his new nano friends come in.